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- Latest News-

6/12/12--- What up ya'll, Just droppin' a line to everyone to let ya'll know that we are lookin for collab and featured artists for up coming tracks or if your interested in having Massanja as a feature contact us via links at the bottom of the news page.

5/24/12--- As most of you can see, We are currently working on the Official XII Ent. Website!  We will have a contact, About, Event, Video, And Media pages, Along with a Photo Album, But as i said at the moment, we are Currently Under Construction. Everything will be up and running Shortly, But in the mean time you can listen to some of the old, and some new tracks via Massanja's Newgrounds, and Myspace Pages; Links provided below.  Also dont forget to add The Official XII Ent. Website on Facebook, And Twitter; via the quick link buttons at the bottom of the site.  More up dates to come, Check in occasionally for Latest News, Updates, Current Events, And New Happenings with Massanja The 6th And XII Entertainment! So for now; Untill next time My Disciples!

~ Much Luv~ - Massanja The 6th A.k.a Jack The Butcher ~ "Forever Watching"

~~~Links ~~~

Http://massanjathe6th.newgrounds.com - Newgrounds Profile

http://massanjathe6th.newgrounds.com/audio/ - Ngs 4 Music

Http://www.myspace.com/Massanjathe6th - Old And New Tracks

Http://www.facebook.com/massanjathe6th -  Contact Massanja

http://www.twitter.com/#!/massanjathe6th - Massanja via Twitter




~The Hanged Man~

 I am a new way of looking at things,

a 180 degree turn in perspective.


My focus has shifted, my values have turned

upside down, yet I am able to keep my balance.


I am suspended; I have the patience

to wait until I have the wisdom

to know what to do and when to act.


I have learned the art of sacrifice;

I am neither victim nor martyr; I am free to choose

When to give something up to serve a higher purpose.


I have surrendered; I accept the things I cannot change;

I have found the courage to let go.

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